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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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27th March 2009
Zircon age dating
- Orogeny required to create zircon
- Banded
- Discovered by Tom Krogh
Political unification of the provinces 1867 to 1949
- vvo}P(}Áo]vP}(P}o}P]oZ}À]v[Z}µPZP}o}P]]u
J. Tuzo Wilson
- came up with the idea of plate tectonics
- v[u}(u}µP}o}P]
- Approximately every 500million years, continent aggregate into super continents
- Wilson cycle
1. Continent
2. New rifting MOR
3. Seafloor spreading MOR
4. Subduction initiation
5. Ocean closing
6. Collision, orogeny
7. New rifting
- Little islands get incorporated into large continents and continents grow
- Terrane: a block of crust that will eventually collide with a land mass, e.g. japan
o It is different than the rest of the continent
Deconstruction of North America
- NA is divided into 5 main pieces
1. The original NA continent, arctica, which started to form about 2.5 billion years ago
from smaller continents and was completed by about 1.9 million years ago when old
Archean cratons (e.g. Slave, Nain provinces ) were welded together by the Trans-Hudson
Orogen and others
Area 1 is the Canadian shield that extends down to the states and also up into
Oldest rocks found on earth in slave province from about 4 billion years ago
NA started from slave province 4 billion years ago
2. Added to the north American continent during the formation of Nena about 1.8 billion
years ago after the Perokean Orogeny
3. Added during the formation of Rodinia about 1.3 billion years ago during the Grenville
4. added during the formation of Pangea about 600 million t 300 million years ago
5. Added after the breakup of Pangea about 250 million years ago
continent is moving towards
- Trucks with hydrolics system that will extend into the ground and wheels lifted
- Earthquake is mimicked by vibrating the ground
Labrador is added to Canada
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