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Lecture 5

EESA06H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Geysir, Tephra, Basalt

Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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If you start moving one plate around, the rest of the plates evidently move too
Red sea = embryonic ocean
Arabian plate is being pushed to the NOrth into Eurasian plate
Turkey wants to get away from that collision
NAF → north anatolian fault
Accommodates movement of Turkish plate to the west
Cascading earthquakes →
cascade along the fault
Move like a zipper opening
Istanbul is sitting on here
African plate and Arabian plate is both moving North but at different velocities
Result of Africa coming up and colliding with Eurasia
Dead sea rift: 420 m below sea level
Death valley → not much living there, a lot of salt, hot dry
So much evaporation, water is much more salinity (10X) than normal sea
Can float very easily in the water
Transform boundary
Between Sinai (s) and Arabian (a) plates
Both are moving north but relative to each other they are moving at different
Rocks are being pulled apart
Petra, Jordan
Abandon city carved into rock
Important trade center
Where horses and animals get water
Disuse caused by earthquake
363 AD earthquake
Ending use of the city
Rediscovered at beginning of 19th century
Ancient Roman city of Hippos
Destroyed by
Historic records
If people want to understand seismic risk
Recurrence intervals → frequency of the big earthquakes
We know the amount of force needed to destroy buildings
We need to know where it happened
We can see how distant we are from the earthquake that happened in the past

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Fault is releasing one way and then
closes up again
Red sea is pushing Arabian plate to
the North
We can actually see a MOR
exposed on land in Iceland
Passive margin
no volcanic activity now
Small earthquakes
Eastern North America
Active margin
West side
Subduction zones
Continental shift
Large rivers come down
and dump sediment and other things
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