EESA06H3 Lecture Notes - Urban Sprawl, Plate Tectonics, Ice Storm

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20 Apr 2012
Environmental Science
Final exam 13th april 7-9 pm in the Gym
Office hours 10-12 Monday 6th S567
Multiple choice 120 questions
Based on chapters
1 - Introduction to Physical Geology
2 - Plate Tectonics
4 - The earth's interior
19 - Time and Geology
20 - Geological History of Canada
And appropriate lectures
Including 12 (Environmental Challenges)
You are not required to remember numbers: but concepts, terms and diagrams
are key (ie: major tectonic settings)
Welcome to the Anthropocene: "The epoch of Man" (begin Industrial Revolution,
beginning of agriculture)
human use more materials then nature (rivers, volcano, glaciers)
Challenges of change
oUrban sprawl: severe weather
oHardening of watersheds
oWastes/groundwater contamination
oRemediation of contaminated sites
oRadon gas
oEarthquakes; landslides & tsunamis
oAcid mine drainage
oClimate warming
oWater shortages
Urban sprawl
oReplace greenlandscape with building
oFlashy discharge
oGround water reduce the amount of water supply (contamination)
oSprawl changes the quantit and quality of water and other natural
oAfter urbanization there are less baseflow, and more contaminants
First flush - greater runoff volume, flooding risk, and echanced
erosion and sediment aggradation
Water flow is lower than pre urbanization
High temp of water b/c water draining off ashfault
Increase amount of diluted contaminated water
Change drainage system
oImpact of weather
August 2005 - Steeles Avenue
Dented the road - food occur
History of Hurricane (Hazel)
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