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Lecture 3

EESA09H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Intertropical Convergence Zone, Geostrophic Wind, William Ferrel

Environmental Science
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Tanzina Mohsin

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Lecture 3 Sept 21 2017!
Global Circulation!
Three broad categories of atmospheric circulation!
Global -10,000 km!
Synoptic -100 to 1,000 km!
Smallest Scale - Less than 100 km!
There is more energy released in polar regions than received from sun.!
Reverse for equatorial region!
Release from reflection!
How can we account for this?!
Poleward transport by wind (Atmospheric Circulation)!
Atmospheric Heat Transport!
Sensible Heat (Can Feel)!
Latent Heat (Hidden)!
Exchanged when there is change of phases!
Absorbed when water is evaporated!
Heat is released when water condensates!
One Cell Theory!
One large overturning atmospheric cell!
Hadley cell!
Named after George Hadley!
Air rises at equator, moves poleward and then sinks at the hole!
All heat at 0-30° N and S!
Cant Explain what we experience on Earth!
Cant explain the coriolis eect!
Energy is transported as sensible and latent!
Is this theory reasonable?!
Yes if Earth didn’t rotate!
Why One Cell Theory can not explain the phenomenon on earth!
Rotation introduces Coriolis eect!
Tilt causes seasonality!
Land and water masses!
Three Cell Theory!
Hadley cell!
0-30 ° N and S!
Air rise at equator and sinking at 30° latitude!
Creates wind from East!
Ferrel Cell (Thermal indirect)!
30-60 ° N and S!
Named after William Ferrel!
Wind travel N and under Coriolis force changes direction to east!
Polar Cell!
60-90 ° N and S!
Rise at 60° and sink at poles!
Polar easterlies produced!
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