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Lecture 1

EESA10H3 Lecture 1: Environment health1

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Environmental Science
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Silvija Stefanovic

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Environment health focuses on
Physical (only man-made) housing, urban development, land use, transportation
Social or behavioural is the act of smoking, drugs, drinking. It does not part of the study in
environmental health. If the chemicals are released o environment and then from the environment it
impacts humans, then we can study it. (Not directly smoking but when it comes from environment).
Genetic is not environmental health. Fore example down syndrome main cause is environmental. Since
we don’t know, we are normally not studying genetic drifts. It could be, but we could have other factors.
Anthropogenic hazards mean human made. Its not just chemicals there are other things too.
Environment health is part of public health. The field of environment health takes a population
perspective. If you get sick, it doesn’t mean that the environmental hazard is causing illness. It should be
studied in population, thousands or millions. Share same environment.
We make the world we live in and we live in the world we make. In an ecosystem, nothing ever goes
Cars, cellphone. cosmetics are all products we make. We make the world we live in. we develop
methods for making our life easier and more beneficial. We release and produce secondary
chemical/noise. From the products we have a benefit and risk.
People living a modern Western lifestyle create, use, and dispose of lots of stuff”
We sometimes buy and never use it. In urbanized environments, we don’t think what happens to be in
garbage. We take our bin to the curve and someone must take place. What happens after no one cares.
It will finish somewhere nothing goes away. When you make metal product, cars or something when it
must be dispose, it will not become metal again. It can be recycled but not everything will be recycled.
Therefore, our stuff and its by-products are transported and transformed, but they do not disappear
There has often been a lack of foresight in adopting new products and technologies The natural
environment is globally connected; trade and travel are increasingly globalized
New products are being made
Global disparities in development and health are enormous
If you make a product in Canada, and it produces chemicals. It will be transported through ground
water, air, aquatics soil and reach somewhere else Europe to America to Asia. Its all connected.
Western-style development is not sustainable at a global scale
There is huge development and changes from developing and non-developing countries. We never think
of how a product is being produced, but there is something that needs to be sacrifice when being
formed. This lifestyle is not sustainable. Future generations will not be able to enjoy those nature goods
or nature environment the same as we can do now. It will keep getting worse. We don’t feel the
environment changing or climates. We dont notice that it gets warmer and not as cold as before. As
generations go by, it is going to cause a lot of harm to the environment.
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