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Lec 8
Most dangerous foods= starch and dairy
Symptoms of foodborne illness
All illness are gastrointestinal diseases
Prevention of foodborne illness
Starts in supermarkets in buying the food
Use different cutting boards for meat and vegetables
Left overs must be discarded within 3 days in the fridge but could be kept longer in
the freezer
Bacteria: E coli
Some vegetables can also be contaminated with E coli
Bacteria: clostridium botulinum ( botulism)
Itself doesnt cause illness
Lives in soil in dormant stage
When it comes to the body it realses toxin and the toxin causes the illness
Potential sources
oCanned foods
oHome canned fish
Main kinds of botulism
Foodborne botulism
Wound botulism
o- common in heroin addicts
Infant botulism
oConsume soil
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