EESA10H3 Lecture Notes - Environmental Health, Social Environment, Diarrhea

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Your environment is your health (but not the only factor influencing your health) What is the environment: environment is everything that affect a living organism, effect of environment on human health is so great, air, water, soil, manmade environment. The environment: we cannot choose what happens in the natural environment but sure can help in changing the events that take place in the environment. Factories, buildings and sewage comprise to form an artificial environment. It is a big difficulty in developing countries around the world. Protecting the environment has been a mainstay of public health practices since 1878. In great britain during the victorian era things changed because of the out lash in cholera. Poor people have to work with what they can get related with environmental issues of health: there is a big difference between the developed and the developing world, do not have the luxury to think and have.