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Lecture 7

ENGA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Putto, Total War

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Garry Leonard

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English lec. # 7?
-hyper-arousal/rigilaare, paranora, mega innovation, self trauma
-intrusion, dissadiation, self truma, mega innovation
-constriction, paranora, self trauma, dissdiation
-instrumaneal rationality, isolating making thins into units
-everything becomes union, distorys assosction, destroys the meaning that resigns
inbetween-what is often most meaningful
-she would never say again that anything is this and that
-time not persistent but melting
-ww1 melted time
-shock of the war , partly from reptity from unpresidental peace to slauther in
matter of months
-rough beast finally slouched away, all the way to the heart, the myth of maternity
-no one understood the machines could as well destroy as produce
-mass production and potentally mass distruction
-more powerful tool, more powerful the weapon
-combine into deadly combos
-invention of machine gun even had name…
-previous to ww1 guns was 1 bullet at a time, and aimig aspect of shooting, and
machine gun, aiming was less of issue
-improvent in artiliery, much farther and more accuracy
-still seeing carmian war
-increase mortality, and concentration of troops
-perpitity of war shocking –total war, required entire economy, had to be constanly
prosducing machines
-war of economys
-can u keep putti ng new materal out into the war, quicky became war pertirtion-
winner as last person standing
-persistence and courage-machine gun and courage don’t match
-trench warfare
-anything above ground out sheered off
-barb wire
-mustard gas,chlorine gas: sear the lungs
-production huge issue
-so awful nobody could describe it
-attendant has no idea of what is going on in the congo
-making war ok starting to crumple, and only a justifiable cause could justify it-only
have war for the economy
-delayed but did not prevent anything
-profecey of what is going to come to Europe
-symbol of keeping finacee in the dark
- high explosive
-cultural trends
-went back to the friends not the war, did not believe in the war
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