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Lecture 2

ENGA10H3 Lecture 2: ENGA10 lec 2 notes The picture of Dorian Gray

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Garry Leonard

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ENGA10-Lecture 2-The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Lord Her posse’s people
To Dorian Gray, you are what other people makes you feel
God-Soul relationship (God-Lord Henry and Soul-Dorian gray) theme
Comfortably numb by Pink Floyd: the manager in the song represents Lord Henry. And when the
singer is not on the spotlight, he is overwhelmed by everything, similar to Dorian Gray.
Back to vampiric relationship: Lord Henry is basically a zombie living off of Dorian Gray. Lord
Henry is too old to feel all this sensual pleasures, and so he lives those pleasures through Dorian
Nietzsche- God is dead as a paradig for people
Lord Henry also keeps a wall to keep everyone out. He says all this big philosophical things and
yet we as readers never learn much about him, neither does Dorian.
Doria’s self or the apitalist ithi hi is eer satisfied, ad so alas osues, siilar to
the culture we have now. We always consume the next big phone, or the next best laptop, etc.
The portrait gets isolated as Dorian grows more social. This is the binary present in this story.
The portrait is the opposite of Doria’s eteral self, eause it is his soul. “o Doria alas tries
to be what he is not.
Science is also a myth: it is not THE truth, but it is A truth. So science is also another wall
The portrait shos eotios hih is a allegor for all the feeligs he’s ot feelig, eause
he’s u Doria
When the sneer first appears on the portrait there is still a connection that exists between
Dorian and the portrait and so he still has a soul or a conscience present. This is what drives him
to want to apologize to Sibyl Vane
Doria a’t orgaize his feeligs, that’s h there is so uh aiet ad fear, eause he
thinks he should be able to and whe he a’t, he thros his feeligs aa. He a’t sort out
whether to go back to his old self, or how to get back to his old self. Whether to feel mad at the
paiter for this eil portrait or to e ad at hiself.
Self to other relationship theme
Dorian was never in love with Sibyl Vane, if anything he was in love with what he appears to be.
Like Lord Her said “il’s atig as ore real to Doria tha her atual self.
Wondering and worrying is indistinguishable in our culture
Behaviour and addiction is hard to tell apart. When is a ritual an addiction? And vice-versa. But
they can somewhat be told apart. Addiction is cumulative, and numbing. Similar to Dorian being
so obsessed with pleasures that he ironically becomes numb and has to keep searching for it.
Ritual alas takes ou ak to here ou ere ad it a’t gro stroger tha it alread is.
Pleasure in short is just absence of all concern. Life is both pleasure and the awful feelings
You a’t eatl are for others util ou suffer, eause empathy and sympathy is born from
suffering, and Dorian Gray gives that up.
Everyday life for Dorian is psychotic and he needs distraction (sensual pleasures) to keep him
Our ego (the self we present to others) is just a negotiation between us and our ideal self
Whatever gives you power also narrows your soul
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