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September 15

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Garry Leonard

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20th Century
o Totalitarianism
o Uses (why we want it, need it?)
o ^]v}v[]}À
o Accrual of a need for a certain time
o Iphone ^µ(µo_
o ^}}(vÁZvÇ}µ]vPµ(µoUÇ}µ[v}ooÇu]vo
o We care more ÁZ[ ON the Ipod
o To be mindful, you have to be useless
o Needs are being more and more met
o Precursor to thought is wondering
o Information is not thought
o Google can only present information
o Information is not thought
o d}Ç[(v[µUZ}vÀv]vZ}o]vP}]v
o &W}uZ]vPÁ[ÀPµ}v}PZ
o Does meaning really have meaning?
o Not what something ^uv_µZ}Á
o Only meaning for a time
o Why are nations going }Á}À^]v(}u]}v_
o The idea behind soul is like spirit-immaterial
o Who are we? Soul-identity
o dZ}Ç]^}}Á]vP_Z}µo
o Life=episode
o tZv}oZ]vlo](]v[v]}ZÇ}o}Zuv]vP
o /(}v}v}ZÀo](Z[^}À_Zv}olÁ}o}u}µ
o If you have transcendental certitude then the world is not corrupt
o Ie. 10 commandments from God, there is a belief
o ^ÀÇZ]vPoÁÇP}v_
o 20th Century-science is dominant
o Science and technology are a myth of our time
o dZv}o}PÇ}ouvÁZ]vl^}Z]v]Z}ou]v(]Æ]]o(_
o Technology mimics transcendental certitude-][µ]vP
o ,}ÁÀUZv}o}PÇ}v[(]oo}vÁ]Zvo]Pv](]v
o Mankind seeks certitude
o DÇZulZ]vPulvµ}v[o}vZµZ
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