September 22

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8 Dec 2010
x On some level the world chaotic
x A coping method is how we use our mouth
x }]vPÇo}}lZ]]µvÇ^ÁZÀ_
x Intra-psychic
x The inter-psychic has been split in the 20th century
x The sense of self
x No one knows what they want
x Darwin: no separation between animals and humans
x He gave away his school for beauty
x À]o]ÀÇ^}]vÇ_
x The story is an allegory of
x tZ}µÁZvÇ}µ}v[Áv}Z}
x We get addicted to our self-promotion
x The ritual has degraded into addiction
x Addiction: u freeze time, unaware about life and surroundings
x Dorian gets addicted to the picture of the painting
x Starts of harmless
x /[ZP]vv]vP}(]vP}u(}oÇlv}Áv
x Cut feedback to the consequences?
x Ideology; get people to misunderstand the world
x Ideology; art of propaganda
x Imagined relationship of your actual self
x Conscious trying to spate itself from the unconscious
x False ideology that everything we want is there
x tZÇ}µÁv]v[Áv you want. It[s what makes you want
x Treats the symptom but not the cause
x Lord Henry: encouraged his weakest and darkest character
x The action is inside Dorian gray
x Basil and lord Henry }v[ZvP-flat characters
x Basil is bad and if worse than
x Lord Henry ]oX,}v[]ÁZZZ
x Basil knows this
x Lord Henry }v[ZÀZPµ}^o]À_
x Both were addicted to Dorian gray
x A drug in the sense that he distracts them from their life and their own problems and their own
painful reality
x So much cultural to imprinting of how a man or woman should be
x Lord Henry is interested in influencing and manipulating
x He has lost interest in his life so he gets a thrill from manipulating Dorian gray
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