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October 6

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Garry Leonard

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October 6th, 2010
x Loss of transcendental certitude, there a gap between what things appear to be and what
actually is
x Unconscious and conscious
x Reality is insufficient
x Consciousness is not the same as being conscious
x Conciousness of the self permits us to see the significance
x We have to believe in something functions which allows us to navigate the inevitable difference
between what appears to be and what actually is
x The pursuit of truth is what true, not the truth
x Because once you know the truth, you forget the pursuit
x Dorian gray maps sibyl vane
x He sees her as a blank space
x Kurtz goes to the congo with an idea
x Raping and pillaging names itself as efficiency and progress
x The major myth of modernity says there is no such thing of myths
x The way belief operates is it permits you to operate what is outside of what you understand but
x Understanding is focusing and stop thinking of other things
x In order to pay attention you have to ignore
x The world is not the word, exists behind the word
x Consciousness and self-consciousness requires symbolism
x z}µZÀ}µvvÁZ[v}Z]v}}µvvÁZ]Z
x Theorist shook the world by their theories and myth of origin
x Maps give one a rationale of imposing
x Roads and highway take one to a pre-destined place, fast and efficient
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x The myth of efficiency by getting faster and seeing less
x The words we use often betray the anxiety of the world we live in
x What kills Dorian gray is his myth of origin
x If one gives another a myth of origin then you control them
x A soul is a myth of origin
x In our beginning is our end
x We can interrogate our beginning
x The self is a narrative construction and it can navigate the future
x The fragility of the self and how it can be scripted
x The real challenge for myths is to explain the bad stuff not the good stuff
x God teaches and Satan influences
x z}µv[o(-conscious unless your bad
x ZÀ]}µ]vo]}v}}v[vÀ]}vuv
x We are driven by our vulnerability
x We need to understand the make of our vulnerability
x When Dorian Gray wishes the painting would get older is his sign of vulnerability
x If someone exposed our happiness can lead us to vulnerability
x dZ]PP]]]v}v[o](ÁZv}o}Ç}v[myth of origin
x Marlow is a modern country
x He has to let go of the fact that the light of Europe is helping the Congo
x Heart of darkness is the heart of Kurtz
x Kurtz wants to be the saviour of the natives
x When he realizes that he[s actually exterminating them, we know Z[ lost it
x None of us might be what we really want to be
x Loss of transcendental certitude is also from credentials
x Lose the incentive of improvement
x Monopolies are a negative action of vulnerability
x Marlow is a shady guy
x What happens when one encounter something
x Encounter, exchange and circulate
x Encounter #1: The old ladies knitting
o Allusion to the myth of Greek mythology, Goddess of death
o Old ladies snipping the yarn
o Congo full of diseases
o The settlers had no immunity
x Encounter #2: being checked by the doctor
o The doctor still has no ideas of the point or outcome of all this measuring
o He is a model of efficiency and also a warning against the fact that this myth of
efficiency will offer no real protection at all from the distress
x Knowing is not controlling
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