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October 27

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Garry Leonard

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Mrs. Dalloway October 27 th
, 2010
The song called Masters of war
A protest for war and modern war
Everything is amplified for mechanization and mass production
World war I, the myth of innovation held that all innovations that science and
technology to make life better
World war I, innovation is neutral
The capacity to innovate can lead to destruction
What drives the innovation is total war
World war I is a slouching beast towards Bethlehem”
Terrible exposure to every terrible modernity
The self within the nation relies on the colony
Nationalism is like a secular religion
Nation and nation against each other
The rise of European of nationalism and its to make one feel better and more
superior to other people
They need to put down another country to feel and act better
The shocking lack of introspection
There is a rise of democracy
The world we knew is dying
Virtue cant be a reward as the world becomes increasing secular
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Virtue is always doing something in honour of someone bigger
And if you dont believe in a higher power, how are you being virtuous?
we all are out of just getting what we need of the self
World war I is just going doing the same thing they did to Africa but to European
Wolrd war I is a rise of imperialism
They wanted unlimited resources to build themselves up but it doesnt fill them up,
they are just addicted
Addictiveness there is no gain or wisdom, no empathy, compassion, addiction
distracts you
Wisdom comes from suffering
Wisdom is the capacity to know what to do with what you know
We are an age of information
We are increasing information and calling its wisdom
But its in opposite direction
By knowing more, we know less
The most effective forms of totalitarianism is self oppression
Give up your rights for a false sense of reassurance
How one self identifies is not always the same as the government that rules you
The more you identify with your unprivileged
World war I was securing positions of other positions
Power is an effective relationship
Power is only position
Information is not wisdom
The way that you rank your capacity can simply be a marker to the system you put
yourself in
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