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November 3

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Garry Leonard

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November 3, 2010
x ^}o](}utt/]vvPov}^µÀ]À_
x Communication is health
x The personal is political
x Septimus
x Stop trying to figure out his content
x What septimus continues to try to do is communicate
x Communication he says is health
x Most intact comment he is able to make
x dZ[]((vÁv}uuµv]]vPv]vP>}}uuµv]
x Communication is not the same as talking, speaking, writing
x It is the effective of expression
x It presumes and audience that is not only receptive but received
x Mrs Dalloway
x Communication is dependent on tenement
x Lady Bruten wants to send a letter to the london times
x She is very wealthy woman
x she is powerful enough to get people to write letters for her
x Hugh firtberd is a walking cliché
x He is not smart but he is official?
x /[]((]µo}ZÀ}vÀ]}vÁ]Z}oÁZ}Ço]Z
x Richard wants to tell Clarissa I love you and buy her flowers but he just hands her the flowers
x Peter Walsh talks all the time, but he never does anything
x Richard never talks but he does stuff
x She is overwhelmed by peter Walsh
x Richard gives Clarissa too much space that she has become lonely
x Sir William Bradshaw, Peter Walsh, Ms Kilman, Hugh Witbred-stamping impression on others
x Clarissa and Septimus, lucratizia-are communicating
x Septimus suicide affects Clarissa
x Spetimus is clinging on to sanity
x He is the most important message but no one is listening
x t]^Zv]o_}Àµ}]Ç]Z
x ,µv}}]ÇZ}v[Áv}o]v
x Human nature is capable of violence, murder and hatred
x Modern weaponry can give destruction
x ,]uPW](Á}v[lZ}l}(Z}ÁuµZuv]vPZZ}ZUÁÁ]oo
x }]vPÇW^Z]ZÀvvZoo]voo}(µ_
x The capacity to murder
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