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November 3

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Garry Leonard

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November 10th, 2010
x ^๎€‚๎‚Œ๎€‚Z๎€ƒD๎€>๎€‚ยตPZo]v๎€ƒ^๎€‚๎‚Œu๎‚๎€ƒ}(๎€ƒ๎‚šZ๎€ž๎€ƒ๎€‚vP๎€žo_
x Song in memory of a man who had a heroin overdose
x Teleology-simultaneity
x History-story
x Linear-juxtaposition
x Accumulation-fragmentation
x Ritual-addiction
x W}๎€žu๎€ƒ๎€๎€‚oo๎€ž๎€š๎€ƒ^๎‚šZ๎€ž๎€ƒร๎€‚๎‚๎‚š๎€žo๎€‚v๎€š_
x Everything is deferred in the modern world
x So much of the reading in this class is a wish for deferral
x The wasteland evidences
x Heart of darkness is a myth of deferral
x The problem of the myths of deferral is accountability
x Everyone talks about it but no one does anything about it
x ๎€’๎‚Œ]๎‚]๎‚๎€ƒ}(๎€ƒ}ยต๎‚Œ๎€ƒ๎‚š]u๎€žW๎€ƒร๎€ž๎€ƒ๎€š}v[๎‚š๎€ƒlv}ร๎€ƒ๎€‚vร‡๎‚šZ]vP๎€ƒ๎€‚vร‡u}๎‚Œ๎€ž
x The world has become increasingly fragmented and compartmentalized
x The wasteland is something that it has been smashed
x Can see beauty but in pieces
x The wasteland almost reads
x Septimus is crashed and he speeches in beauty in pieces but nothing makes sense but in pieces
x Shattering is a self-protecting device
x Trauma is a myth of deferral
x There is a disconnect
x The only way to survive is to not feel
x In order to survive so you can shut of any feeling and emotion
x Soldiers were shut off and could not connect
x ^u]๎‚šZ๎€ƒ]๎‚๎€ƒ๎‚‰๎‚Œ}ยต๎€š๎€ƒ๎‚šZ๎€‚๎‚š๎€ƒZ]๎‚๎€ƒ๎€((๎€ƒP}๎‚š๎€ƒ๎€o}รv๎€ƒ}((๎€ƒ๎€‚v๎€š๎€ƒZ๎€ž๎€ƒ๎€š]๎€šv[๎‚š๎€ƒ(๎€ž๎€žo๎€ƒ๎€‚vร‡๎‚šZ]vP
x tZ๎€žv๎€ƒZ๎€ž๎€ƒ๎€๎€‚u๎€ž๎€ƒ๎€๎€‚๎€l๎€ƒZ๎€ž๎€ƒ๎€}ยตo๎€šv[๎‚š๎€ƒ(๎€ž๎€žo๎€ƒ๎€‚P๎€‚]v
x Septimus becomes a living barely monument to the soldiers that are dead
x The people you come to are no longer there
x People want to hear from you what they want to hear
x No one wants to hear about it
x dZ๎€žร‡[๎‚Œ๎€ž๎€ƒo}๎€l๎€ž๎€š๎€ƒยต๎‚‰
x After such knowledge, what forgiveness?
x The war is not over
x D๎€‚v[๎‚๎€ƒ]vZยตu๎€‚v]๎‚šร‡๎€ƒ๎‚š}๎€ƒu๎€‚v๎€ƒ
x All the myths of modernity were shattered
x World war I , concept of history that was over was teleology
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