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November 24

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Garry Leonard

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Modern Times
x The body has become increasingly prisoned
x Chaplin tramp: his body refuses his institution
x ,]}Ç^Á}v[(]_
x He himself becomes a wrench
x He insists that humanity has been reduced
x Humanity should be the main point
x He exposes the lunacy of the system
x ,[vÌÇµ}(ZÇuvÁouZÀ]]uv}Z]v]µ]}v
x Life is timed and money
x Body and thoughts become a liability on the assembly line
x Workers are breaking down as the conveyer gets faster
x When wage is on an hour, more
x Cinema is the last place we can refine humanity
x Continuation of world war I
x The capacity to deal harm from a machinery
x Food and nurturing at odds with the mechanized system of the city
x How do you get fed and nurtured
x Bureaucratized system
x Starvation
x Food
x Starvation
x Food everywhere but people are starving
x It was exposing and humiliating the system
x Banned from the USA for 25 years because of this movie
x Humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness
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