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26 Apr 2012
ENGA10 LECTURE 04 10/5/2011 6:13:00 AM
Connection between DG and HOD:
Dorian Gray and Kurtz, Sibyl Vane and the Congo
DG: psychological allegory
HOD: socio-political allegory
o Marlowe has said throughout the novel that he hates to lie,
and yet says this enormous lie at the end of the novel (to the
o Lied because “he couldn’t take it”, it would have been too
dark to tell her the truth
o Even Marlowe can’t live with the truth 24/7
o Marlowe is similar to “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”; has
killed the albatross and needs to tell his story again and again
because he’s cursed
Song by Leonard Cohen
Maybe we know more than we want to know about the way things
One of the first indications that we weren’t trading with the Congo:
the ships that came home were filled goods, the ones that left to
the Congo were only filled with soldiers
Paid the savages with pieces of copper to make it seem as though
this wasn’t slavery
o This is how hegemonic discourse works; it’s what we THINK is
right, not what is necessarily actually true
o It’s hard to think outside the box with HD because everyone
agrees in a certain way
o It’s what we set up when we want to support our belief in
o Problem: there’s nothing above it, keeping it honest
o Lists correspond, the gain of 1 results in the loss of 1, etc.
(Hegemonic discourse)
1. Belief (in….?)
2. Personality/self
3. Ethics
4. Competition
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5. Individual
6. Addiction make sure you don’t check the portrait
7. Dependency
8. Anxiety
1. Transcendental certitude
2. Soul
3. Morality
4. Community
5. Fellowship
6. Ritual learn something about yourself; check-in (look
at the portrait, don’t keep it in the attic; communities)
7. Devotion
8. Practice
Kurtz’s painting of a lady: justice is blind – he is all about freedom
and justice, or so he thinks
Dorian and Kurtz (made into the status of a God by the Natives):
both exhibit the first list
Hegemonic Discourse in Toy Story: Buzz thinks he can fly; he is
adamant that he is the real Buzz, until he sees the ad for Buzz
Lightyear toys his ideology is crushed
o ^ this is a nice version of Kurtz
o Hegemonic discourse supports our ideologies
Hegemonic Discourse in Apocalypse now: sends Marlowe to
assassinate Kurtz; meant to support the ideologies of the Vietnam
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