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ENGA10H3 Lecture Notes - Theism, Natural Selection, None Of The Above

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Deirdre Flynn

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Lecture 1
What is the role of social and economical context?
Duchaump: was published 1yr before WW1
Porcelain Urinal art. Signed as R. mutt. Submitted in the mid of WW.Was rejected by society. Even though he
was eligiblie as he paid the fees. He submitted photographs.
His piece of work was so provocative was rejected by his own society.
Why? Look at back at our own core values: consider our own assumptions and knee-jerk reaction. consider
what we take for granted: our prejudices & social hierarchies. Questions our deeply embedded hierarchies and
apiece like this pushes us to question it
Seding to brutal was with no rela goalseen in WW1 by European powers
Talking head; not just a political question but also a personal question. We as individuals lose tough how we
got where we suddenly find ourselves
In absence of collectively agreed hierarchies, what is important and what is not impotant.we have freedom to
arrange life as we see fit and possibility in discovering we don’t know what life could mean. Happens to soldier
off to WW. They came back wondering how they got there now? Wounded, alienated, disillusioned,
disfranchised. These individuals use art to communicate to communicate that they don’t know where they
were and how they got there. They didn’t know how they got here and where they are now. To heal with
pressing anxiety
Cabinet of Caligari
-2 WW vets. Both had posttraumatic disorder
Interior horror outside. The wall and scenery reflect the stress and disorientation they experience iternally.
The soldiers couldn’t fit into ttheir small societies.
The internal states had to be expressed, that’s how expressionism came into existence because this became
the only reality people couldn’t experience. The question in 20th century , how do I feel?
The question was how do I portray..instead of what is objective reality?
Reality is edited version of real.. its not everything that can be experienced. Trauma shatters the prism through
which we focus and what we allow into reality. Shatters our way of seeing and ours sense of reality Is
fractured.when this is shattered, it shatters our coherence sense of self.
How does the exterior world influence who we are insdie?
Not just trauma but geenralized anxiety of living at that time.i.e .into network of urban tunnels. How does the
Its not just the wars but modernity is also living everyday experiences in increasingly urban and tech advanced
Why is it significant that artists represent what anxiety is?
Picaso Pablo
Shifted to this piece. It was a political statement of horrors. Its absolutely resonant. i.e Syria where civilians
become the victims as happened in WWII. It touches on something universal. It provokes another important
Second world war exploded in to public awareness
All the above arts ask diff questions and pose diff answers. But point to a single answer: we don’t need more
answers but better questions.!
The dangerous attitude of our time is not uncertainty but most dangerous attitude is a false certitude of
presented as way things have to be.
History shows us that there is deeper in to generating a cycle of questions
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