ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Industrial Revolution, Hyperreality, Aristocracy

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5 Feb 2017
Lecture 01
January 4, 2017
Video: Political World by Bob Dylan
o Dylan pushing back against the apparent wonders of globalization
o Misery travels too
o The myth of innovation/progress accelerates us
Science only knows in the present
Nothing is inherently meaningful, meaning is constructed
o Constructed information about it
o Based on individual perspectives
o You distinguish objects yourself
o More interested in the knower than the known
o What you know who you are
Do we let our knowledge define us?
o Intelligent = knowing
o Wise = knowing how you know
o Wisdom is what you do with the knowledge/information, what you achieve with it
o Wisdom is sold in a desolate marketplace where nobody comes to buy ~blake
At beginning of the industrial revolution
Age of Enlightenment ~1600
o Descartes
o Enlighten ourselves and the world
o See the world as more of a clock and less of a world
o Difference between earth being something given to you and something you can dissect
o Source vs. resource
Source = from which there is nothing to take, where you began
Whe ou treat a soure as a resoure, it’s just auulatio
Just rearranging
Looks like wealth but accumulation is not necessarily same as resource
When you send a resource back to the source, we call that garbage
Aiet is a sese of fear of hat ou do’t ko; do’t ko the soure
Innovation is a way to make something more and more obsolete
o Everything has its own construct that it makes everything around it obsolete
Chemistry opens the ability to create materials, both good and bad
Concentration camps
o People were treated as things in factories, they were processed, and then shipped
No difference between a tool and a weapon rather than the intent
Theology to psychology to economics
You alas eed soethig that’s igger tha ou to figure out here ou are
GPA is a perfect reflection of the self
Every interaction with the baby marks the baby
o Social constructs
o All things mark you
Your body is a battleground
o Contested site for a competing discourse
o Marked body makes us more of a consumer
Attention is not something that can be dictated
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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