ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Get Born, Dover Beach, Speedstep

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Published on 5 Feb 2017
Lecture 02
January 11, 2017
Wrecking Ball- Video
Consciousness has shifted when moving from age of enlightenment to age of anxiety to age of
Great chain of being (up to the 16th Century)
o Suicide shunned upon because it broke this chain
o Transcendent power controlling all under it
o Hierarchical complementarity -> god down to insects
Not supposed to move out of your place; born into your place
Cotet of soial oilit did’t eist
Hierarchy & complementarity are perpendicular to each other
Goal is to be saved, not damned
Kig’s poer is oisiet
Born into the place where you should be
Current model
o Get born into the world to begin working and start moving up the ladder on your own through
o Why are we alive?
o The issue is how do you know whether something is what it seems (Ex. Murderer who smiles
after killing)
o World/word = object / symbol
Signified / signifier
o I laguage, sigifier do’t ea athig uless i relatio to other sigifiers
Ex. Samuel Beckett rote a pla aout othig; does’t ea athig
Characters are lost (like Vladimir and Estragon)
There is no why because there is no plot
Waiting for Godot
o God keeps trig to sa that he’s the sigified / sigifier
o 1 tree with a leaf on it
o They are waiting for Godot; meanwhile they should talk, having trouble accumulating words
o Post-modern play
o The relation between facts and truth has become dissociated
o We have moved into the age of propaganda where the truth is what you feel which increases
the risk for manipulation because no one goes back to check the facts
o Opeig lie = Nothig [to e] doe
Estrago tries eerthig to take his oot off, ut he a’t so the he sas othig to e
Nothing done is to be
Postmodern statement of to e or ot to e
To be = to do hence to do nothing mean not to be
If being is doing then why are they two different words
Doing is an aspect of being but that is not the complete being
o If ou get a jo saig ou eist it does’t ea existing is your job
Were a signifier looking for the signified
Ex. Our super signifier is our GPA (gives the truth of your experience at University
which will be recognized by an employer)
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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