ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Wrecking Ball, Freudian Slip, Vimeo

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5 Feb 2017
Lecture 03
January 18, 2017
Video: A11. Lecture one. Wrecking ball on Vimeo
o Summarize 1950 to the present
o Configured a relationship that had fallen apart
o I came in like a wrecking ball, but all you ever did was wreck me (self-other)
o Doors require communication whereas walls can be smashed down
o Anything you construct will have strengths/weaknesses, the problem is when you start denying
on the weaknesses and insist on the strengths
o Song does not contain any binaries
Age of Faith -> age of anxiety -> age of depression
o Where we see compensation and substitution
o Human beings need to have some ability to see the difference between what they are and what
the’re ot, hat the at ad hat the do’t, here the are ad here the’re ot
o Neither the navigation of orientation that it permits is not intrinsic, its experiential
o Shifted our faith pattern from the believable to the perceivable
o Attempt to prove he exists ignores the body
o Godot -> constant existence of the body (boot stuck on Estragon)
o You hae a oot that’s stuk, soethig rog ith the feet
o Boots on and off / hats on and off
If boots represent the body, the hat represents the mind
Hat is how you structure what you call thinking
Different modalities in different contexts
What e’re told soeho is all there is, eerthing is highly edited (~Freudian slip)
Other language in your head that seems to smuggle itself into the words that you use
Similar to unconsciousness slipping into the conscious while dreaming
Content is latent, their signification is the ability to signify
Dreams- everything is there so the sense collapse
o Perception is a reality that is not necessarily real
We do’t hallege it eause e thik of it as a essee
Propaganda is a skill mix of truth, falsehood, and absence
o Some are more or less true while some are verifiably false
o Propaganda works best by leaving things out rather than putting things in, message is simple-
typically a slogan- o real otet, it’s a phrase that offers itself as a miracle
Waiting for Godot
o Doubting thinking took proof as its existence
o How do you get from doubt thought proof
Begin with a hypothesis (a doubt)
o Godot could the code of an algorithm
o Pla ithout a disourse, there’s ords ut there’s no discourse (a way)
o Last diretio (Let’s go- but they do not move)
o Luk’s thikig ut there’s o disourse
Evidence of every known form of knowledge
Gives you the history of human consciousness of all the modalities we have used
There’s a shift o to remove the subject from the equation
o Faster, do’t use full ords, there’s eojis
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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