ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: The Symbolic, Social Relation, Breastfeeding

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12 Mar 2017
Lecture 09
March 8, 2017
Video: Morning Routine- American Psycho Movie Clip HD
Soul -> master agent and other knowledge already signifiers
In Godot confusion is if there is master? Where is he? What should we do?
Pozzo and Lucky = corporation vs. research/development
Slavery and dominance; first capitalism- have a product (Lucky) with value which is
eventually given to Pozzo
Increasing distance between labor and worth
Lucky wants to be recognized by Pozzo and Pozzo wants to be recognized
Together, create a product
Yearning as a signifier yearning to become signified
This odel ostatl proises hat it does’t delier ad the euse is that it does’t
delier eause ou hae’t osued eough
Drugs are commodity culture in its purest form is a mirror of construction that escapes
Pozzo addictive, not ritual Lucky
S- master agent S2- other knowledge
$ - Truth a- value product
Are tethered; are repressed, not allowed to be a part of the triangle can just observe it
commandment to obey
Master agent- $ S2- other knowledge
S1-truth a- surplus value
Product innovation
Commandment to enjoy
White Noise
Consequences of separating the signifier from the signified
Up to 15th century; a signifier would meet the signified; something divine (God) was a
master signifier from which all other signifiers aimed their definition
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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