ENGA11 Lecture 1

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14 Jan 2012
ENGA11 Introduction to Twentieth Century Literature and film
(1945 to Today)
Lecture 1
January 11, 2012
-Fritz Lang’s Metropolis = one of the first science fiction movies
delves into reality behind appearances
-the film is about a city called Metropolis which is beautiful on the
outside but it is discovered by the founder’s son Freder, that there is a
city of workers underground who run the machinery to keep the world
aboveground functioning
-all of the above terms are different bu are related in the same wat
-you can know, think, be and do without understanding
-in olden times, it wasn’our job to know it was up to the divine all
that was known is that the divine is right
-the soul is seen as something that can be corrupted/purified
-transcendental a certainty that is transcended into the world
-loss of transcendental leads to loss of belief system
rises out of faith, belief, reality
-the body is sacred because it has the soul and when you die, it moves
-measure of faith is what it allows you to do and what you should not
-value is what you can get in exchange for YOU
-price is what you can do
-difference between a shoe and an Air Jordan is the same difference
between a mere object and a sacred object
I,e, in the Nike shoe store, the shoes are put on a pedestal and
the lighting is a specific way
-value is determined by its inherent worth to something else
-we judge people by their appearance because that’s the only way we
can judge
-what determines worth it has to do something with being
-in 21st century, we’ve come to associate: being with doing, price with
-we are most comfortable with science through which we get reality
-modality: a particular mode in which something exists or is
experienced or expressed
-car ads always focus on interior because it gives illusion of mastery
owning = being
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