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9 Apr 2012

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ENGA11 January, 18, 2012
The devil is us; something we do not want to admit and blame the devil. One’s
accumulation of our self will ignorance, what you forget does not forget you.
The devil is what you don’t want to know
Good and evil is binary. Wordworldmorals
What is human nature?
Nature is foundational and will be there, it is sustainable
Nature is a model of sustainability, dynamical
Doing is not being but it is an attempt to lie how you want to be. It is not the same an
being is just not enough
What is thinking? Awareness of being that translates into doing, it is an attempt to
use waiting to transform into doing
Entertainment is something that substitute for the chaos
When waiting, one is beside one but when doing one plus one equals two
One plus one consumes
Upgrading is an illusion of one plus one
Waiting is the absence/forbids of substitution
Doing one thing is not enough anymore; multitasking
Globalization requires that there needs to be a global sense of time
Facts can’t prove anything because there is always another fact
Statistics are simply a rearrangement of these facts
Depression is the lost of expectations
Difference in interpretations: sadness vs. depression
Technology is a way of thinking, not a gadget
Many successes are failures---many failures are successes
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