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Garry Leonard

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Linearity- is not the 20th century.
20th century is juxtaposition. Things mean things because they’re next to one
Science is the dominate myth of modernity. science can be a fiction??@
Fiction betterw ay to approach a truth
Facts addition
Fiction juxtaposition one thing next to another to create a 3rd thing.
Addition, does not permit to understand the moment. 1+1=2 not a moment
one position to another. It is just is.
20th century is search the moment, feel the moment. Not about what youve
done havent done
William Blake- is not capable ot adding
WB- I search all day for that moment, that stains watch fiends cannot find
Plugged in addition is reality
Unplugged- reality is juxtaposition.
It is a powerful myth, addition is the translation.
Addition transforms experience. Universal currency.
Perception is juxtaposition, perception is one obs next to another observation.
One observation gemerates something else.
Subjectivity is never addition. Assume an object of stance
Science translate personal expereience into information.
Google, put in a term.
Brag so much? Insecure?
We think compleition= understanding.
Think it or not think.
Problem in the 20th century what is the paradigm or reality. Breakdown what
you think is the whole horizon.
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