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Garry Leonard

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English2 Lecture-03
Name is not tradition, name is a marker of you.
most of us realize we are not the same, we shift all the time.
Our name is stable, marks the place where we are shifting.
Your marker precedes you. The name is an announcement, shows the shifting
space is present
Crisis of the first half of the 20th century the lost of certainty and the
transcendental, above and beyond understand everything no longer where
you know where you come from. If you duno origin you cant mark your
essential being.
Vald and estragon- existence vs essence
Estragon is immance- he is unmarked, no marker sticks.- he does not
interpret- interpretation is the attempt to understand your essence
Lost of transcendental certitude, everything is random.
Creationist or the theory of evolution.
Evolution very different way to look at origin.
Potential possible to judge an action as moral or amoral.
Virtue capacity to resist these outside forces. Does not mean the force is
outside of you.
The Force- the myth, what is the price of that. The myth of origin is running
ur life while u deny it.
If u dont examine ur myth of origin u have much less control of your action.
Evil is doing action something u dunt understand cuz u cant inteerogate ur
own myth of origin.
We dunno why we are here. He falls asleep.
Dover beach- share with someone else things begin to fall apart.
History is the origin where they have led us to. Use to be tranquil, used to be
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