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Deirdre Flynn

ENGA10: LECTURE 3  The word self becomes the most hyphenated word – we are not sure who we are anymore  Positive connotations of self are hyphenated – this is the self that can move forward, it makes progress, has positive energy  Negative connotations of self  These two connotations either amplifies your sense of self or threatens your sense of self  The problem: nobody really knows other people  Lord Henry “stay young and handsome or no one will care for you” – Dorian panics and he just wants to stay young. When Dorian meets Sibyl, he loves her because she makes him feel young and good.  We obsess over the hyphenated words  Global positioning system – technology is a form of disenchantment, the GPS is advertised as a form of a pocket God. But GPS or GPA can’t answer the fundamentals of life. Our sense of self security has been dependant on technology.  We also have a vast market for cosmetics – there is this deodorant called “sure”. What kind of person are we when we are stuck in closed borders and how do you want to be perceived?  Not sure comic – we need to focus on our self. While are soul is our GPS, our conscience is what tells that we’ve done wrong, gone the wrong path. A sin leaves a mark on our soul. There is no way to unmark your soul except through penance, prayer, etc. But what if there is no soul?  The word soul appears over 70 times in Dorian Gray. All about the relationship between the self that is so unsure, and the soul, and the self that is so unsure. What is the self is what the book is trying to figure out. It’s about how the outside affects the inside. Dorian has 5 interactions with other that might challenge his exterior and the sense of himself. But Dorian will not allow them to affect them and he chooses to ignore them. Slide 3  Dorian chooses not to feel to be comfortably numb.  To become comfortably numb, you’re going to have to consume opium which is what Dorian does.  Basil is disgusted by the picture Slide 4  He is praying to his faulty beliefs syste
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