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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Deirdre Flynn

Lecture 9 Bob Dylan sings to a woman who is very unhappy, confused, doesn’t know how to cope so thinking of running away…the signer tells although people have manipulated her, she can decide how she feels about herself and her life.. Clarrissa Dalloway is just like this woman, she faces diff people telling her how to be..she struggles to understand what matters to her..the advice she gaves to herself by the end of the nove is similar to what singer sings..everyhting passes, she should do what she should do…any attempt to grasp it.and freeze it is going to hurt clarissa.. Even if it hurts, The singer’s gift to romana…he is not trying to master romana, he acknowledges that he too feels the way she feels at, one day ill be coming home to crying to you.. To clarissa, things are not in static and are in flux especially after world war. In the gyre, thinsg are reversed, shattered remnants of ideals…subjects are disroriented Wasteland: rain promises revitalization,regeneration and rebirth…. told by thunder that gyre of concord to baalcne discord gyre is to reconsider western concepts of atomistic self- -using others in the process, with no sympathy and empathy..and getting as much as on can, failing to control desires indiscriminately and nto caring about what others…the thunder says that we need to develop a model of being self that is giving, symapthizing and controlling desires. Our OWN impulses and desires.. Peace coems from letting go rather than clutching, from giving rather than accumulating, frm sympathizing rather than appropriating ??? Mrs Dalloway: Wolfe ends up with similar expression on how to rediscover meaning in life after meaning emptied out and broken Clarissa starts out like the nervosu lady in the book game of chess, she is surrounded by luxury but rather oppressive quality to it until she sets out to buy flowers..and it’s a beginning of wandering throughout the London who are re joined by big ben and sights they share (smoke letters) , the urban swoosh of London… Septimus and her walk a continuous path..he continues on eritzia…they have a continuous apth that joins in immediately Dark blue :peter walsh..walsk and sits on reagent park Yellow: Mr. Dalloway Pink: Elizabeth, clarissa nad ricahrds daughter, goes with mss killman to army store nad bus of finto new dire Only one character who heads out out the circle …into a new dire..she is next gen..moving out of circle round and round in a widening gyre Peter:parallel clarissa and septimus Peter covers the most territory and congruent with both clariss and septimus… is man who she chose not to marry nad Richard who she is married…they enclose, holds clarissa in hteir trajectory and only Richard crosses her path ..suggesting they married and affluent, aristocratic , upper middle class life.. The paths suggest that characters in the novel are walking round and round….some gravitational pull of the dalloways house…as we read, we are turning in widening gyre of clarissa.. Wolfe response to ulyses, refused to publish She sahred elliots concerns:;she too is articulating a new way of living life in London after psot world war---how she could survive…she had intended mrs. Dalloway to sucidie…but instead brought septimus.. Mrs Dalloway: more of a felt experience The novel occurs in one place: in London, on ONE day in june…the centre of this gyre is clarissa Dalloway…although other’s perspective is seen..septimus and mrs. Dalloway are closely linked As they walk, we see everyone’s perspective….we see intrasubjective as well…we dotn know when we are doing that…. “mrs Dalloway say she would buy the flowers herself” Free indirect discourse, 3 perspective, not a 1 person narrator but somehow appears to be from outside…not clear who the “I “ is…she is trying to shore up her identiy as a social matriarch who live in this hoem and who has such servant…she ahs been trying all her life ot be something and she is letting hersef be shaped by others and she is losing sense of that on this day.. She is middle aged…in her early 50, very stylish woman, wife of respectful man, quietly does her work around the hosue is the buffered female self..the buffered from of the female ideal..her day starts out with the attempt to contue who she thinks she is…whats the interiority of the very external based self? What’s beyond the exterior? What are u beyong who u marry, your social class etc? who is she beyond all that? The door would be taken off the hinges..mirrors with wolfe is doing form the start of novel… wolfe is taking odff the doors that sequesters the past.and present….Takes the door off that divides past and present and future…tiem just one big room…it allows stream of cosnciosuness in which memories and feeling arise..they are not linear…they are preconscious… Stream of consciousness: implies movt, we are moving through, is a literary technique revealing characters thoughts, feelings, actions etc in associative rather than in logical sequence.very rarely with the first person pronoun….readers are in their stream Free indirect discourse: people trapped and static, paralyzed in their discourse Poetic words coming in mind of clarissa: “how fresh the air is” and is being expressed a s a memory..memory tend to come out by surprise…arise and fall…we are not necessarily cosnciosu of memories.. The stream of consciousness let us feel and be int eh hooror , be in anxiety, feel that he can interact with eritzia dn then fall back in to horror Lets us feel the confusion of eritzia….not wanting to give septimus to clinic…not knowing what to do…nshe shows us what to feel like to face insensitivity and monster of proportions sir willim and dr. holmes becomes as they try to confine, control, deny and repress all that septimus experiences She shows bitter resentment that soemoen like mss killman experiences when faced with mrs.dalloway How miss kilman brings up all the worst part of daloway herlself..she doesn’t like herself when she has to feel kilman resentment brings her anger and rage… Sense her regret and wonder having made the choice to marry Richard and peter…feels its right choice because Richard has made her life better…but she doesnot know how it would like to have the intesntiy and intimacy peter brings..richard protects her… Upon reflection, we organize random sensation and thoughts in to ideas then we write or articulate…but when doors are removed, our way of thinking in linear fashion isn’t really all that natural….the doors help us organize our our mind, we organize our identity…thoughts that happen in bedroom, thoughts that happen in school… Thought attribute to clarissa not mrs dallloway, the breeze and the experience of the beautiful summer day bring up her memories of 18yr old clarissa …………the 50 year and 18year become one…no longer separate.. She remembers summer home burton before she married,before soemthign dramatic happen she too was poised to become something else at that time from clarissa to between times. She is reliving a past moment in current transitional stage of her life…the past moment, a dreadful decision between suitors in her case ..for mrs.d alloway, a sense of change..first things that link to septimus..he sis a shellshock victim from first world war who constantly feels that soemthign awful is about to happen Both mrs, Dalloway and septimus share not just physical qualities but as well as perceptive qualities that link them Septimus warren,a ge 30, pale faced, hazel eyes with apprehension..when car backfires, he thinks world has raised a whip..where will it descend …from a flap of a wave to world that rises whip Something bad is about to happen for both…the raising of whip fro septimus might bring back evans from trenches, from anywhere because he emerges from withins eptimus Both beak
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