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Garry Leonard

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- Movement from polytheism to monotheism was a consolidation - Connects world to a single source - Polytheism when one god was upset you can pray to another; you could offend and please gods; not possible for one god to undo what another god has done - Monotheism the great chain of being (hierarchical complementarity) god, the golden chain (earth hangs from heaven by), etc - The chain is built because all the parts correspond to each other - A break in the chain affects the whole - Implies sequence, systems, compartmentalizingroot of science - However science continues to be refined you begin to see everything as what your catergories predicted - Everything MUST be this or that, must have a spot - Powerful but limiting to a hammer everything looks like a nail rigid modality - Hierarchical Complimentary removes emotional to expose the objective - The order you impose is the order you depend on the modern self - Dorian if so many things have changed in emotion, so much more is in the object - Dorian gray locks subjectivity in attic (among others) so he has complete objectivity - Dorian gray’s portrait is his upbringing, his childhood, no one cared for his feelings - Dorian Gray himself is objectified, which sets him up for abuse from lord henry - Lord Henry without your looks you’re nothing Dorian to Sibyl without your art you’re nothing - Treats others objectively because he was objectified - Narcissistic book, everyone loves themselves I love you because you make me love myself - Love for the other or love for what the other does for us? - Otherness is important but only as the fuel that drives us; not sustainable…taken in, burnt, refill - Comfortably numb rock star has becomes an enterprise, breaks down (narsisistic model DOES breakdown, people DO leave; inevitable) - The only cure for breakdowns is going back to the old model but that’s just full circle - Where did the west get its wealth? From the others (slavery, etc) - All modern selves are encouraged to have a portrait in the attic to hide certain things in order to PERFECT A FAÇADE - With the loss of transcendental certitude there’s a crisis in value because value is its own hierarchy - Lord Henry: his cynicism is accurate; nowadays we know the price of everything and the value of nothing - Price is what you think its worth, value is what it’s worth - Anything’s worth whatever you’re willing to pay - We rely on ideology, our fictional coherency depends on our ideology - God was the ideology and soul was the connection - Belief is always inextricable from doubt - If you don’t doubt y
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