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September 29

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Garry Leonard

September 29 , 2010 N Before intellectual architect suggest that what we take is behind the conscious N When there is no belief, we put belief in our self N Twentieth L]Z2}}}K}]o]]}ZL[lL}Z][Z going N If we have so many time saving devices, why do we still do not have time? N The time saving devices are taking up our time N Our myth is that there is no myth N What makes things meaningful to people? It is myth N In order for anything to mean, we need to believe in something before N Myths convert experience into significant N What makes experience memorable? N When it aligns itself of myth N There looking to be horrified so they can be saved N So much of modernity is to revoke the feeling of salvation N One person can take an experience as relevant or irrelevant N No reality can include all what is real N Your reality is an edited version of what is real N Use myths to maintain reality N Reality is a fragile instruction N }]L2}ZL[L}o]ZZ]ZZ}o N ,LZZ^}}Z]Z}KZlo]_ N ^JZL}}Z2}ZZ}L[Lo]_ N ,L]ZKL]o7}ZL[}oo}Z]Z}Lbeliefs N The portrait is Z[Z real, Dorian gray is not N The portrait is like a soul N There is always pressure about people seeing our soul N Your reality is a version of Z[Z real, ][Z a truncated version N Ideology is a imagined reality N The way we imagine our existence, is the way we live our life N We are addicted to our reality N Any variation is panic N Modernity is relentlessly driving us N We get so focused on our performance, we forget what are we doing here N How often is your present mortgaged to your future N GPA is a dream of deferral N The myth of deferral it can be whatever one wants N ^>]]ZZZLZZL}Kl]L2oLZ_ N Dreams of something that is not here yet N J} Z}LZZ}}L[Z}} Z}LZZL
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