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October 6

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Garry Leonard

October 6 , 2010 SYMBOLIC REAL IMAGINARY N Loss of transcendental certitude, there a gap between what things appear to be and what actually is N Unconscious and conscious N Reality is insufficient N Consciousness is not the same as being conscious N Conciousness of the self permits us to see the significance N We have to believe in something functions which allows us to navigate the inevitable difference between what appears to be and what actually is N The pursuit of truth is what true, not the truth N Because once you know the truth, you forget the pursuit N Dorian gray maps sibyl vane N He sees her as a blank space N Kurtz goes to the congo with an idea N Raping and pillaging names itself as efficiency and progress N The major myth of modernity says there is no such thing of myths N The way belief operates is it permits you to operate what is outside of what you understand but }}L[LZL N Understanding is focusing and stop thinking of other things N In order to pay attention you have to ignore N The world is not the word, exists behind the word N Consciousness and self-consciousness requires symbolism N z}Z}LZLZ[ZL}Z]L}}LZLZ]ZZ N Theorist shook the world by their theories and myth of origin N Maps give one a rationale of imposing N Roads and highway take one to a pre-destined place, fast and efficient
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