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October 27

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Garry Leonard

th Mrs. Dalloway October 27 , 2010 The song called Masters of war Hyperarousal Intrusion Constriction Dissociation A protest for war and modern war Everything is amplified for mechanization and mass production World war I, the myth of innovation held that all innovations that science and technology to make life better World war I, innovation is neutral The capacity to innovate can lead to destruction What drives the innovation is total war World war I is a slouching beast towards Bethlehem Terrible exposure to every terrible modernity The self within the nation relies on the colony Nationalism is like a secular religion Nation and nation against each other The rise of European of nationalism and its to make one feel better and more superior to other people They need to put down another country to feel and act better The shocking lack of introspection There is a rise of democracy The world we knew is dying Virtue cant be a reward as the world becomes increasing secular
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