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November 3

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Garry Leonard

November 3, 2010 N ^}o]}KJJ]LL2oL}^Z]_ N Communication is health N The personal is political N Septimus N Stop trying to figure out his content N What septimus continues to try to do is communicate N Communication he says is health N Most intact comment he is able to make N @Z[Z]L L }KKL] ]L2L]L2 >} }KKL] N Communication is not the same as talking, speaking, writing N It is the effective of expression N It presumes and audience that is not only receptive but received N Mrs Dalloway N Communication is dependent on tenement N Lady Bruten wants to send a letter to the london times N She is very wealthy woman N she is powerful enough to get people to write letters for her N Hugh firtberd is a walking clich N He is not smart but he is official? N [Z]] o}Z }LZ]}L]Z}oZ}Z o] ZZ N Richard wants to tell Clarissa I love you and buy her flowers but he just hands her the flowers L}ZL[Zo} N Peter Walsh talks all the time, but he never does anything N Richard never talks but he does stuff N She is overwhelmed by peter Walsh N Richard gives Clarissa too much space that she has become lonely N Sir William Bradshaw, Peter Walsh, Ms Kilman, Hugh Witbred-stamping impression on others N Clarissa and Septimus, lucratizia-are communicating N Septimus suicide affects Clarissa N Spetimus is clinging on to sanity N He is the most important message but no one is listening N J]Z^ ZL] oo_}Z} ]]ZZZ N ,LZ}Z} ]Z}ZL[L}o]ZL N Human nature is capable of violence, murder and hatred N Modern weaponry can give destruction N ,]ZKZZ29]}L[lZZ} l}Z}K ZZKL]L2ZZ Z}Z7]oo destroyed N }]L29^Z]ZZLLZoo]Loo}Z_ N The capacity to murder
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