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December 1st

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

December 1 , 2010 N ]KZ2}Z}L]LZ]]}LZlZ] ZZ[ZL} Z}K}] N How can there be so much but so many people with so little N Literature is the axe for the frozen sea within us N He makes the system insane with companionship, empathy, and slow us down by the place of a machine N Hegemonic discourse N @ZK]ZL] ZZ}ZL[oo}Z]ZK}]}LZ}l} N The failing is the interpretation to be the machine N The machine asks for more loyalty than it gives N The economy is the result of hegemonic discourse N Money is an attempt of accumulated control N The insistence on the part of the tramp to share rather than invent N [Z]L}IK] o]}LZZ] N Investing is an expectation N [Z2 N Money is drainable N L][Z}ZL]oZ}] LKL]o N The difference between investment and sacrifice is the loss of transcendental certitude N When there is nothing to sacrifice to than sacrifice looks like a big loser N Investment replaces sacrifice N Expects twice as much in return N The tools you use to shape the world also shape you N Globalization is another word for imperialism N Labour goes where wage is the cheapest N ^EZ}]_LKo}Z2K}L] ]Z }Z N Substitute mastery for belief N More and more privatization of machinery N By using the products, you are on the chain of the assembly line N Technology makes us seem that using it is better than being there N The power of hegemonic discourse is in the rolling skating scene N A lot what drives us is fear based N Getting more and more insulated N Better consumers because you then consume more in order to connect and feel more connected to people N Why do we have to be alone to be more connected? Ex. Facebook N Vamperic relationship, most life affirming humanity N Humanity is in the connection, relationship N Crazy people have the messages sometimes N Normally culture makes the connection between past and future
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