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Garry Leonard

Generaly Marx suggested the opposite the rich were rich because they exploited the poor and lived off their efforts and profited from their suffering and had no motivation therefore to do anything to alleviate it y The loss of transcendental certitude makes the establishment of morals impossible since morals assume a transcendental truth unlike ethics which is based on treating others as you would wish to be treated with no appeal to a higher incorruptible authority y Efficiency became a euphemism for brutal and ruthless Conscience was a liability and so it was put away just like dorian Grays portrait so it could not slow down progress Dorian Greyy The Picture of Dorian Gray where a young handsome man while having his portrait painted is told by an older man to hang on to his youth because he will be of little interest to anyone once he loses his physical charm Terrified by this prospect Dorian wishes the portrait could grow old and he would stay forever as charming looking as he is now Mysteriously the wish is granted dorian ceases to age or show any sign of care of vice on his features but the portrait hidden now in the attic where he spent his lonely childhood grow uglier and uglier as dorian treats people with as if they were things to be manipulated as long at they bring pleasure and discarded as soon as they cease to do soy Dorian destroys virtually everyone he meets because they believe in his perfection and when he proves hollow the disillusionment is devastating They mistake his regard for them as proof of their own selfworth and when he turns from them with disgust the first time they fail to flatter him they are unable to recover This is what I call the vampiric relationship of Self to Other y With a little blackmail Dorian Gray is even able to make disappear the body of a man he has murdered in cold blood True the man who was coerced into doing this killed himself some time laterobviously he hadnt locked his portrait in an attic and was done in by his conscience but dorian gray has eliminated his consciencehis soul by putting it somewhere where neither he nor anyone else has to look at it y dorian Gray puts Lord Henry in that position Lord Henry has an overall philosophy about why it is Ok to be shallow and live for the moment dorian trusts that Lord Henry has worked out all the implications of such a philosophy and he does so because he is eager for the relief from the burden of freedomy In Lord Henrys philosophy the purpose of free choice is to pursue pleasant sensations and avoid unpleasant ones Such a view necessarily can only see other people as bit players in the pageant of ones own enjoyment Free choice replaces belief as a catalyst for choosing one course of action over another but free choice does not prioritize your choices for youbelief does that y For Lord Henry dorian Gray is an experiment In a system where there may be no God the temptation to act like one is strong What excited Lord Henry is watching his influence on dorian Gray Rather bored with his own life Lord Henry amuses and entertains himself with watching Dorian live according to his Lord Henrys principles Basil hallward is not much better Although he appears to not be the bad influence on dorian Gray that Lord Henry is his fault is he fails to exert any influence at all Both Lord Henry and Basil use Dorian each in different ways Lord Henry uses him to test his philosophy but so does Basil in that his philosophy is we should simply strive for beauty and perfection and ignore or deny anything that suggests there is a dark side
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