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ENGA10 - Modern Times notes

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Garry Leonard

Modern Timesnotes on the movie y Clock strikes 6 when the movie begins y People are coming out of the subwayy And are going in a line to the factory y Electro Steel Corporation is the name of the factory y President says speed up section 5 y The tramp is distracted by a fly in the liney The tramp chills out in the washroom while smoking and is interrupted by the presidenty The Fellows speeding machine is introduced by 3 men in order to eliminate the lunch houry The machine has a mouth sterilizery He drinks soup first fromthe machiney Then small square biscuitscheese sticksy The machine then feeds him corny The machine technician places the bolts from the machine on the plate and the machine feeds the bolts to him instead of biscuits y The machine screws up y The president says the machine is no goodbecause it isnt practical y The Tramp works in section 5 y The tramp goes crazy after he goes into the machine andis gone wildy He starts unscrewing every one and then chases a ladyy The tramp screws up everything in the control room y He then goes around spraying everyone with oily The tramp was suffering from a nervous break downy The doctor cures him and tells him to take it easy and not to have too much excitement in lifey When he leaves the hospital all of the noises from the modern world is exposedyA truck drops a flag and the tramp tries to give it back and gets stuck in a mob he is then arrested y The tramp is accused of being a Communist Leader y The Gamin a child of the water front who refuses to go hungry y The tramp is stuck in jail with a cell mate who stitches to pass timey The cell mate tries to get the wool into the needley The tramp and his cell mate fight over a piece of bready The police come and check for smuggled nose powdery The person who smuggled it put the nose powder into the salt holder y The tramp eats the food with the mixed nose powder and gets high y First whistle they get up the second whistle they start marching on the spot and the third whistle they start marching to the cellsy The tramp comes and beats up the escaped prisoners and frees the police meny While the Gamin and sisters are collecting wood their father gets shot during a protest for the unemployed
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