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ENGA10 - Lec4 notes

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Garry Leonard

ENGA01Lec 04needs a sense of reality something about human consciousness consciousness is not the same as being consciousconsciousness of the self allows us to see the significance of what is realmeaning and significance are an approximationthe pursuit of truth is true bc when u have the truth you dont pursue it anymore theres nothing worse than being lostand thinking that u know where u are nothing worse than maps Dorian grey maps Cybil Vain when he looks at her he see something good thin the 20 century theres a raping and pillaging that doesnt name itself progress efficiency perfection innovation satisfaction5 myths of modernitythese myths live thru us a myth works best when were not aware of it you need something outside your environment to make sense of something inside understanding is a focusing in to pay attention we have to learn to ignore myths help you to understand permit u to prioritize everything that we understand is connected to things that arent there
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