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Lecture 6

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Garry Leonard

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English Lecture 6 Oct 26 2011y Middle Meaning Sufferings experience communication LinearityJuxtapositionCoherence IntegrityEgo BodyNot traumatized Traumatized y European countries increasingly invested in imperialismValuable resources if you are going to produce in abundance y Money has become data y War is not for young men who have couragey The people who profits from the war arent the soldiers because they come back wounded PTSD etcy Technology cannot do everythingIt kills people with efficiency war and machine guns y World War I changed everything forever y Shell Shock is a result of trauma y Cut yourself off from your feelings so that you can continue onYour feelings of fear can kill you y You are trying to give meaning to your sufferingy Friend is trying to get you to witness there sufferingThat means they communicated their sufferingIf they communicated their suffering they have given
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