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Lecture 8


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Garry Leonard

Comfort whatever makes us feel better but a lot of things that make us feel better are not good for us Ex Chips Anxiety is the lack of comfort that is urgent In this age of anxiety everything is so confusingThere is a solution to everything you feel bad about there is a surgery for itYour own urgency overrides common sense you think you will be comforted by these thingsThe myth of satisfaction PEPSI myth offer comfort When we need comfort part of it is because we are not where we need to beHow often are you where you actually need to be Ex Wirelessyou are in class but on the computer on twitterAddiction is search for immediate comfort that will be short livedThe shorter the comfort the longer and stronger the addictionAbsolute comfort beyond anythingAddiction vs ritual is how long does comfort longThats why praying in a religious setting can be addiction because of the amount it lastsA prayer can comfort you for 5 minutes or foreverIf its numbness its addiction and its comfortness its ritualThe myth of satisfaction in the son
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