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Garry Leonard

ENGA10 LECTURE 01 9132011 72800 PM Professor Leonard Office Hours Email leonardgarryhotmailcom Phone NumberTHST The biggest myth of the 2021 century is that we live without mythsScience tells us a lot organizes our experience but it says little about howwhy we feelsA myth is a strategy for translating what would be otherwise random sensations into experiences what happens to youWe assume people can see what we see Look at that red bird o Myth what we see is what we should see prioritizes our observational skillso Look at one thing first another second one longer than the otherFaith is something you believe which helps you organize the experiences that come to you it is a perpetual exerciseFaith untested by doubt is weakIf you arent happy theres something in your mythologybelief system that guides you in a way you dont like th In the 20 century its the belief system not the GodStevens th 20 century we dont have a universal belief of what God isQuestion isnt whos your god its whats your God Whats the reason for your getting up in the morningWe designate transcendent beings sacred GodMastercard is uncorruptable which is why we yearn for it o Never going to know because if you know your faith will be weak thst Greatest crisis of 2021 century loss of transcendental certitudeFrench Revolution killing of a king similar to the killing of a God o Democracy voting not praying have more freedom but less sureMany products now marketed to us with certainty infallible lipstickDont even realize how surrounded we are by certitude its what we yearn for eg climate control
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