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Garry Leonard

ENGA10 LECTURE 03 9282011 61700 AM REM Losing my religionNot called Losing my IslamChristianityetc emphasis not on religion but on faith o Losing connection to what theyre doingSomething about try and cry if you dont know why you try youll cryIf you dont understand the overall context of what you want from something youll cryThats me in the corner portrait of Dorian GrayThats me in the spotlight beautiful Dorian GrayMen see women as a possible salvation something that will heal the split ie Dr Jekyll and Hyde Dorian Gray man in Dover BeachLoss of transcendental certitude created a search for the sacred within the secular made the secular sacred o The presumed power of women to heal has become sacred o Women feel needed men feel wholeConsMen gives them access to powerWomen they can use their seduction to hold power but only as long as the seduction holdsEg Sibyl Vane she only has power as long as Dorian loves her when her seduction fails she has tried and now criesDorian Gray is afraid to tryLord Henry changes this o Only two parents Lord HenryBasil o Terrify him tell him two things he cant possibly do in order to keep intact o Never stop being perfectNever stop being youngboth impossibleIdeology Your imagined relationship to your actual existenceLosing my Religion two extremes loser vs rockstarWhen youre unsure of what to do you gravitate to false dilemmas because you dont know what to do eg Dorian Graytwo choices from parents
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