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Garry Leonard

ENGA10 LECTURE 0510122011 60900 AM MIDTERMInfrasturctureSuperstructure o Darwin Marx Nietzhte Freud more interested in what is behind the scene than the sceneSuperstructure Dorian Grays faceInfrastructure The portrait in the atticLoss of Transcendental CertitudeFrom Soul to Self Kurtz Dorian o Soul assumes that something larger than itself is guiding it o Self thinks its on its ownVampiric relationship of selfother DorianSibyl KurtzCongo Buzz Lightyear superstructurehe can fly this is his ideology just as Dorian thinks he just needs to stay beautiful and Kurtz thinks he can bring good to the Congo o When he learns he cannot it is like when Kurtz realizes he cannot bring good to the Congo when Dorian realizes beauty does not mean goodness o An aisle of massproduced Buzz Lightyears hits on the myth of individualism everyone thinks theyre special Dorian Gray Kurtz o Buzz is going to have to realize that he is still special he didnt lose his specialness because he cant flyEpiphany when we glimpse the infrastructure behind our own livesWe dont want to grow old before we get wise wisdom is not the same as knowledge wisdom is how you use knowledgeDorian Gray will never be wiseDepression is different than sadness sadness is informationyou know why youre upset depression is sufferingits sadness that has lost its voice st In the 21 century to be is to be seen we dont feel as though we are unless we are noticedImperialism is very much with us but its become economic imperialism we send in the World Bank instead of soldiers we give out loans they cant pay back
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