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Garry Leonard

ENGA10 LECTURE 06 10262011 60200 AM WWI shattered American societyImperialism came in at the same time as consumerismThe model is starting to fail because we arent consuming at the same rateThe economy moves from an industrial model to a financial modelBodies have less and less connection to your environmentexperiences it has become a battlefield of public discourse marketingeverybody wants youWezombies increasing sense bodies are decaying Our bodies are decaying with debtThe novel Mrs Dalloway is a great depiction of the world after WWIAt least for awhile WWI shattered myths of technology progress and efficiency o Technology eg weapons caused the deaths of 20 million peopletechnology of weapons was not previously consideredWho is your enemy Heart of Darkness o For soldiers enemy becomes less and less clear because enemy looks just like themShell shock exsoldiers fall apart post war o Disassociation human way to deal with traumaSeptimus Smith fully disassociated from the warWhat trauma victim needs a witness someone to listenTrauma victims have gone from 12 to 33what occurs between 1 and 2
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