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ENGA10 LECTURE 07 1122011 60400 AM LOVE CONVERSION to who they want you to be Mutual reciprocity Vampiric selfother Acceptance Shame Communication Talking Witnessing Judging Empathizing Moralizing LOVEPROPORTIONCONVERSION Not everything that comforts you is good for youWhat makes the difference between choosing something thats bad for you and something thats good for you is how upset you are how much comfort you need driven by urgesAnxiety is a lack of comfort that feels urgentMyth of satisfaction food offers comfort eg gum will never run outWhen we need comfort its because we arent where we need to beAddiction is a search for immediate comfort driven by urgencyPraying can be seen as a ritual or as an addiction a prayer can comfort you for 5 minutes or all daySatisfaction defined as the absence of any concerns at all this is a comaDeprivation can be satisfying Perfectiondeath the woman is satisfied when she dies with a smile on her face1950s Mrs Dalloway is dissatisfied did she marry the right manPeter is dissatisfied what is he going to do now that hes back from IndiaIts some kind of crime to be dissatisfied Trauma gives you the idea that you cant cope which ultimately drives you to something that is selfdestructiveAre people loving or convertingLove is about loving the lack in each otherConversion is a search for full satisfaction the comaProportion is Sir William Bradshaws other favorite word next to conversion o For Bradshaw giving someone a sense of proportion is cutting them down to the size one needs in order to convert them or stamp ones image upon them
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