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Garry Leonard

English- Lecture Four 11-04-10 2:44 PM - We only know the world through words - Myths of Origin- myths that suggest how we began; disappears and then we begin it ourselves - God spoke the word, and the world was then formed- old testament - if you change the word, you change the world - we believe perception is the world William blacke, the eye altering, alters all - cannot stop racism because it works too well - myths of progress- roadstake you to a predestined place - myth of origin- we go back to it to rationalize a bad decision what kills Dorian Gray is his myth of origin - if you give someone their myth of origin, that means you control them. - when you influence someone, you give them their soul- Henry (novel- Dorian Gray). - Myths of origin become our future, in our beginning is our end. We can interrogate our beginning; self is a myth and has the capacity to pave our future, and can even get us fast. - When doing a myth of origin, the toughest part to come up with is why there is suffering, death and cruelty? Not hard to come up with myths on why people are good, why life is great. - Challenge of myths- Death, suffering, why we do things that we regret, what happened? - The fall in Adam and Eves story- they were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge; and that there is a snake (Satan) in the garden. Eve was far away from Adam in the other end of the garden, snake came up to her and started talking to her and said why dont you eat the apple. Eve says, god said dont and snake says so what who is he (god). He doesnt want you to eat it because thats the secret of how he controls you. - Satan is great spin doctor in our world, snake spins it and says you are being controlled by god, and you can pull the plug in this make-believe world and become God. Makes sense to Eve and takes a bite, tells Adam and says
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