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Lecture 3

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Deirdre Flynn

Lecture 3 Floyd: comfortably numb -a boy who tries too hard please everyone and he is a rockstar ony if he pleases everyone But he is only a star if he pleases everyone. Only desire is the effect his performance generates but also treats himself and others how he has been treated In his car, he has assumed the persona that others need him to be When the agen tsays I thinks its working..lets get ready for the show analogous to DGs wishing that his portrait would grow old instead of him> both characters are foregoing their own reliazation in order to continue being exploited by those who benefit their performance DG- who tries to please henry and basil. i.e Sybil vane and DG, he is treating her the way he has been treated. without your art, u are nothinghe rejects his true self and embraces new self which makes him perfectly numb and impossible for him feel emp,sym and compassion. Without these emotions, he cant learn about himself and grow and nor can he learn about others or himself through his action with others One of the crises of 20 century si turning away from rituals that help us experience ourselves in a larger context towards ADDICTION With rituals: is a repetitive process, such as praying, fasting we touch base with whats most important in our lives and double check whether we are still living according to our principles and faith.collective , communcal,religious repetitive actions reaffirm to our faith and higher principles. Tend to be around transcendental certitude i.e god but it could also be less transcendent..evry religious community ahs some ritualistic traditions The age of anxiety blurs these rituals in to addictions because we are not sure what to do , how to do takes a lot of effort and generations to pass it forward..whoel communities have to commit to doing it again there is a sense of why rituals matter anymore..therfore, 20 century is just uncertainty: we are not sure and uncertain rather than rejection..we are not sure what we see and feel is really real and we are not sure what other say is real or whether what they say is what they eman or unconscious of it.. In the wake of loss of certitude, the word self becomes one of the most hyphenated word.. we are nto sure of who we are.. Vs addiction: numbs us . lets us be comfortably numb to our existence still a repetitive process is the process by which we shore up our when we never have to learn, never have to feel change is necessary In modernity, rituals become addiction easily. In addiction, no community we can share and to single faith which we can reliably refer Self - the self can be anything it wants to be in modernity - negative connotations directed toward oneself - tension rises in the idnvidual when we dotn have a high order in which to orient in - +ve :self that can go forward, capable of living out all the myths of modernity, progressive, perfect in many ways, satisfying - -ve self: self turn inward and a..fragile construct.. - Similarity between + and - is: both imply some relation to other..some other perceiving the self..someone perceiving - +ve: implies a positive encounter with other..assumes that the encounter will be self beneficial makes u feel that u are the idealized self that u wish to be and other s will see u as such - -ve: implies negative and critical encounter with other that other will see u in a negative light..idealized self will be threatened by this other. - Both assumes that u have a self and an other . both cases have self encountering with another. - The other just becomes an accessory for the self..something that amplifies ones sense of self or doesnt [is rejected then] Hear t of Darkness - All of the Congolese are presented as others and the western imperialist forces are considered as self at the expense of others - Usually other individuals In secular, problem with this dynamic, everyone is trying to shore up themselves using others to do so. nobody knows anyone and because they dont know anyone, they have no way of learning about themselves beyond trying to shore up shaky fiction of what would they like to be.. The other disappoint so the other may be attacked or destroyed or may be ignored if its disempowered other. DG - His wish puts him in the positive connotation: I want to be all these things (in +ve coloumn) - He falls in love with her because she makes him feel wonderful, all these in +ve coloumn - What if she stop reflecting what u wanted her to reflect? This is a shaky foundation for ones self- worth. the modern self is very fragile at the core. It can never be satisfied. The modern self is forced upon an addictive dynamic not a ritualistic dynamic - The idea of self has become ascended , something we stress over. - Because our loss of certitude, loss of soul, soul that precedes external self. Soul as seen as part of divine self that was indestructible , part of our interiority, not exterior. The soudl corresponded to transcendental certitude. It can pinpoint us in relation to something beyond earth and man-made, - Whats taken place of trans certitude is technology, progress and innovation..its all within the domain of earth and man-made - Tech tablet contains endless amount of info, none of it designed to instruct us how to live..meanign ful life , how to live modernity, tech is a disenchanted form of god? - Advertised commodity that offer to sell us self-worth and offer some sense of self-security. - Our sense of self-security has becomes inseperable from these devices - Vast market for Cosmetic products; deo called Sure promises to give us confidence, so we buy sure because we need sure because we no longer are.. - What kinder of person are we? How do u want to be perceived? We are joeckeying for positon in modern society and we need all the help we can get to maintain our confidence and self-esteem..we need to focus on the self. - Before loss of trans certitude, we relied on soul to keep us in rightful place under eyes of god..its conscience that tells u we did wrongthe conscious is the intellectual communicator with the soul.sin is contrary to some higher leaves a mark on ur soul. No way to unmark ur soul except prayer and forgiveness..what if no soul? Where does conscious go and with what does it communicate? Isnt conscious a liability? >essential conflict with DG - Novel obsessed with this conflcit .soul appears 70, conscious 12, self 50 - Relationship between soul that is confused and conscious that no longer has a voice and self that is unsure - novel trying to grasp the concept of self..What is the self in relationship to soul if any? Has pledged his soul to exterior does the outside interact with its inside? Who shores up his faulty belief system based on external appearance. Further alienated from potential internal sense of who he might be i.e soul Encounters with others that challenge who he isbut doesnot allow them to affect him..he chooses his false belief systems everytime. 1)soul exchange. Initially embrace of false belief system, or false self shored up by false system maintained through addictive models of consumption 2) Sibyl vane but more imp after he meets henry, when he embraces the curious pleasure of not having to feel..being comfortably numb..she was just a wonderful experience ..failed encounter that might connect himwith something beyond myths of modernity..when he agrees that vane was just a marvellous experience and goes in quest for more..ones actual existence keeps coming up ..consume something to stop the onslaught of reality addictive paradigm because ehis belief system is so shaky. He only needs one resource from her: her admiration 3 ) basil also a believer in a false belief system. Basil puts his faith in dorians youth and beauty. Dorian aggressively shores up his false belief system when he murders basil.. - basil is disgusted and horrified by it. Basil first impulse is to pray.. - Dorian: I made this mistake..i not stil sure whether its a mistake or not.. Dorian is annoyed with basils reaction because he is absolutely complicit in his illusion and faulty belief system and he asks: cant us ee your ideal in it with sarcasm Basil is an consumer..he has been enjoying dorians natural resources : youth and beauty. Instead of offering sympathy to dorian and saying sorry for leading him astray..he is terrified because this challenges his faulty belief system and he yells out to return to some trans certitude. They are so far away from any organized ritualistic system that they cant remember any rituals. This confession has failed and has turned murderous. Confession implies willingness to be judged, it implies higher order that can judge u. confession come with a desire to be better, to act better in the future. A way to restore purity of a soul that has sinned. DG rejected this entire system, he may have worshipped basil too much, his icon has fallen. He sees that basil has been using him, just like he has done to others and he feels hatred. Basil had his belief system shattered, though dorian was a god like figure. For dorian , it s a direct threat to everything he has believed. Threat to his very sense of self , his idealized view of himselfin DGs view, to be is to be seen to be beautiful is to feel that wayhence, he rejects anything other than idealizing glance of others upon his false self.thats why
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