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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Deirdre Flynn

Lecture 5 Song : grace that lets face our trauma and have compassion for ourselves and acknowledge what we have gone through and move on Our psyche hide our pain… Jospeh Conrad’s letters are full of pain…physical pain “feeling in the brain” courageous about Marlow is that he keeps on focusing it just like Conrad “my task” what is the truth? 1) The historical horror in congo that occurred then and is occurring now 2) Psychological horror , we see Marlow’s psychological horror 3) Horror of seeing through haegemonic discourse and seeing through the binaries and MOM..thsoe that allow us to wander through in blessed ignorance Kurt’s intended - Things she is easier to read but in the drawing room - “But while we were shaking hand..” soemthign has taken him somewhere he hadn’t expected to go and he sees here the intended imperial embodiment of Kurtz himself and her survival depends on the Fantasy of Kurtz..the fantasy he embodies and went to the congo to realize that he was a magnificent and civilizing agent…remember Kurtz embodies haegemonic discourse but he is hollow at the core that’s all he embodies - Marlow seen his hollowness, that if he exposes the intended to this mystery,he will destroy her just like the mystery destroyed Kurtz - M doesn’t know what to do and say..the piano is present , sign that embodiment of Europe is present - Why doesn’t he tell her the last word were horror? Why her name?- Conrad - Intended is a mirror image of Kurtz. Like with Kurtz, all of the Europe has gone in the making of her. Like Kurtz, this si the truth and she is hollow at the core without this truth. She has given substance as embodiment of European ideal..the cold harsh reality will destroy her as it did Kurtz. He is trying to let her maintain her ideology, her imaginary relationship with her existence..he is avoiding shattering her necessary fiction, he can see how necessary the fiction is for her. He need to keep the congo separate and these are terms need to maintain their distinction in binary inorder to shore up all the myths upon which hegemonic discourse is found on - we don’t see the details of this brutality but the effects that these brutality have on Marlow - Conrad brings the jungle into the parlour unlike Marlow..that there is no distinction between what’s in Congo and Europe..marlow cant tolearet this , Conrad can..but it destroys him as evident in letters To depict Vietnam war, the author uses Joseph Conrad’s model The horror out there stays out there is not seen..if binaries are enforced such that the terms are kept separate, then fiction can run
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