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University of Toronto Scarborough
Alexandra Flynn

ENGA11 Lecture 1 “We Live in a Political World” We live in a political world Love don't have any place We're living in times Where men commit crimes And crime don't have any face. We live in a political world Icicles hanging down Wedding bells ring And angels sing Clouds cover up the ground. We live in a political world Wisdom is thrown in jail It rots in a cell Is misguided as hell Leaving no one to pick up a trail. We live in a political world Where mercy walks the plank Life is in mirrors Death disappears Up the steps into the nearest bank. We live in a political world Where courage is a thing of the past Houses are haunted Children unwanted The next day could be your last. We live in a political world The one we can see and feel But there's no one to check It's all a stacked deck We all know for sure that it's real. We live in a political world In the cities of lonesome fear Little by little You turn in the middle But you're never sure why you're here. We live in a political world Under the microscope You can travel anywhere And hang yourself there You always got more than enough rope. We live in a political world Turning and trashing about As soon as you're awake You're trained to take What looks like the easy way out. We live in a political world Where peace is not welcome at all It's turned away from the door To wonder some more Or put up against the wall. We live in a political world Everything is hers and his Climb into the frame And shout God's name But you're never sure what it is. Analysis: -What’s the difference between a “world” and a “political world”, why make the distinction at all? In what way might a “political world” be a warning to us. -It decides the fairness of rules and how resources are distributed. But they are also used to gain unfair advantages. -In ancient times, kings call upon power of god, today most dictators believe themselves to be the legitimate representative of the people. -The world became more political following WWII—defeat of Nazism and Fascism showed some truths about modern world. -Gobbels: “If you tell a lie bigger enough, and keep repeating it, people will believe in it” -Propaganda: The art of lying—a “con game”, stack of deck, a shell game where things are moved so quickly, but you’ve lost track -Yaets: Center cannot hold -Death Star: Center of Empire, capable of destruction. Dylan knows he cannot unrael all of the lies by those in power—unseen masks and faces(Vader and the Emperor as “unseen” in Star Wars movies as an example in comparison to reality where all Dylan can do is tell us world is political) “What the Twentieth (and 21 Century needs is not answers but better questions)” -New Question: Why do things have to change? -Futility allows injustices to happen. Crime is a way of life in the political world, but it no longer has a face -Banks charged for foreclosures as an example—no one has been arrested. Entire countries like Greece Bankrupt where Banks Too Big To Fail have collapsed -What can we do? Dylan says this political world has no place for softness or love. They exist, but has no place. -Love promoted by media—as propaganda, love of cars, products, Swiffer mops. Love=having more stuff -Love is “bought”—and political world becomes the only world -Shaun of the Dead: Zombies are like consumers, they want to consume everything until there is “no more” -Dylan—we o not know what focus of life is. Consumerism is fine sometimes, but if it becomes life we lost touch of it. -Sea of Faith: Landscape has become sinister not romantic, it appears to have joy and life buy is utterly indifferent. Like the Superstructure—what appears in the surface is pleasant, but sinister inside. Similar to Kurtz’s ideals, Dorian’s visage and the images of Big Brother. -Loss of transcendental certitude-loss of the “hreat” which determines everything like nature and he compares the loss to the beach and the wave covering and leaving the rocks exposed -Darwin’s worldviews allowed sense of indifference to become an odd strength—science becomes a form of nature, but what if it meets the political world? -Dover Beach: Ah, love, let us be true To one another! For the world, which seems To lie before us like a land of dreams, So various, so beautiful, so new, Hath really neither joy, nor lov
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