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Alexandra Flynn

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The bluest eye  The system: that sees the white girl as dominate and her as inferior  Adjustement without inmprovement  Charcaters to become white : whiteness :  Mr. Briela, Gerenline : connect due to law of blue eye, neglect and abuse their own children  Their children bodies; policing their children and respecting what is good or bad behaviour Geraldine  Geraldine did not like Juniors to play with niggers..threaten to erode .  Obsessed to become white that even her own sson ; is dirty : ( junior)no sense of being valued for himself  Juniro: actual wants to stain her mothers white – junior feels anger throws the cat at her and locks her up and ( false power by being agrresive is back firing) –  Junior kills his mothers cat o Anger, aggressiveness, o Violence breaking through comfort o Junior externalizes his anger o Victims become victimizers : not real strength but reactionary : have similar goasl : get rid of unbearable suffering o Pecolas mother white superiority and white romance o White romance: Jean Harlow: how white person should be loved o Pauline : she feels that envy through the security, process of internalizing and onto disillusing of herself  Jean Harlow and Pauline Breedlove o Both originate in envy, thrived insecurity and ended in disillusion.. the svale was on she absorbed in full from the silver screen o Makes her marriage, home, body unbearable o What she that was normal: lust, and simple is not ideal o She has hair done and acts like a movie star: she loses a tooth : o Charlie starts to tease her : she can’t get fixed : she just stops caring, broken, powerless, then she gives birth to her children: smart but ugly o Her husband abuses them but the rest of the family wore their ugliness  The bluest eye o Mrs. Breedlove, Sammy Breedlove, and Pecola Breedlove: ugly o Ugliness came from conviction, their conviction: someone gave it to them and they accepted it o Brutal depiction of internalization o Mrs. Breedlove: she internalizes her ugliness and leaves her family and house takes care of white girl instead of her kids, she doesn’t nurture her own child o Everyone is victims then victimizers : the community and adults have suffered then victims : and there is a cycle Soap head Church  “This school master married a sweet… any hint of disorder or decay”  Touching little girls : least excessive  They can’t because there to broken and disassociate from their own bodies and fail their children and becomes a cycle  All the people that fail her, her father fails her more : sexual abuse and impregnates her  Mother dumped him in trash: aunt jinny took care of him  Charlie hates on Pauline instead of white men: subconscious mind know that hating the white men would consume him and kill him from the rage and also afraid that he might impregnate Pauline  He takes his aunt Pauline treasure and off to town: name of town and dad : courageous journey finds his dad : another broken man : an electric shock Cholly’s freedom  “Cholly was free. Dangeriously free. Free to feel whatever he felt, fear, guilt, shame, love … He was alone with his own perceptions and appetites and they alone interested him”  Dangers freedom: disassociated with the body,  Cholly: mother and father: wounds of a slave that would not heal and pass it
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