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Lecture on 18/01/2012

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Garry Leonard

th 20century lit lec 18 01 2012 y Sympathy for the devil raises issue of good and evil y We see evil as forbidding good and good at resisting evil o How can anything be purely good or evilReligious books the first time you do anything you have the possibility to do good or evilBook of Genesis first came the word y What is the world without word and what is the word without the world y WordWorldMorals Commandments y The devil in the song is us He wants you to recognize that his name is your name o But then you would recognize the devil in yourself o The devils power is the accumulation of our selfwilled ignorancewhat you forget does not forget you o You encounter the devil when your own strategies for ignoring what you dont want to know fail o The devil is what you dont want to know but do y After WW2 the question becomes What is human nature o Nature is sustainableWhat about us is sustainableWe are consumers consuming at a rate that we cant sustain y What you
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